Sweet Deer - Reindeer Hire
Special Thanks
Sweet Deer has only become a reality due to the generosity and encouragement of Steve, owner of Animal Enterprises near Rugeley.  He believed in Lottie and allowed her to purchase 1 reindeer and have 1 other on loan that she will pay for with her earnings from this season, named Snowdrop & Holly. 
Sadly one reindeer (Holly) died due to a brain tumour, Steve allowed her to have another on loan (Nutmeg) but she will still have to pay for them both.
Sponsorship has also been recieved from:  
Clarissa Dickson Wright of Two Fat Ladies fame and strong supporter of the Countryside Alliance.
who kindly donated some much needed sheep hurdles to take to events.
who donated £100 to help with feed costs
my lovely big brother Tom, who has bought me some food and helps me clean them out. www.spicethyme.co.uk
Christine & Jeff who dontated £100 which I plan to put towards future stud fees.
Many thanks to a gentleman I met at the Countryside Alliance Awards in March 2011, he doesn't want to be named, but made a fabulous contribution to my horsebox fund.  You know who you are, thank you.
Sarah Renshaw who gave me £25 which I put towards restoring the sleigh.
my parents, Nikki & Kevin of Toloja Orchards who have helped me in everyway and given me so much encouragement to fulfill my dream.
Gareth who hired me the horsebox at a greatly reduced rate to help me get to events and make this year so much easier.
And finally, 'The 5p Club' those memebers of my family & friends who put all their 5p's away  for  my reindeer fund bucket, they are...
Carol, my Grandma
James, my little brother
Aunt Maud and Uncle Reggie in Dundee
John of CJ's Cider near Abergavenny
Would you be interested in sponsoring me? if so please contact me for an information pack
It doesn’t have to cost thousands to be a sponsor.....
The main item I need is:
· A small livestock trailer suitable for  2 reindeer to travel in
Other items could include...
· Stable equipment such as a mucking out spade, broom etc.,
· Fencing for additional enclosures and paddocks
What you could get in return....
Your company logo / details displayed on
· All stationery including leaflets, posters and website etc.,
· The trailer (until one is purchased a magnetic sign will be on the hire trailer).
· Transport vehicle, the vehicle would display this all year round. 
· A banner that will be attached to the portable enclosure at all events attended.
· Link to your website from mine.
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